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Weekend:775 €
Whole week:1,500 €
Noche adicional:250 €
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Traditional house of the municipality of Ezprogui, located in the center of the small and quiet village of Ayesa.

The house has been rebuilt respecting the original structure and structure and showing to enjoyment of the visitor, different expositive areas with traditional tools, that make the stay an authentic travel along the time.

The house has kitchen, dining room, seven bedrooms, six bathrooms and a toilet, library and pantry, besides a nice exterior area.

The main attraction of Casa Rural FernandoEgea is in the track of traditions of the area. Along the three different areas, different tools get closer to the visitor to three different topics: the agriculture, the wine and the oil.

The house belongs to the club of birdwatching: Birding Navarra is a “club of offer” created by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Government of Navarre to promote and develop the ornithological tourism in our Regional Community.



Together with Moriones, belongs to the municipality of Ezprogui. This municipality belongs to the valley Aibar, it limits with the mountains of Olaz and Andúa, what gives an accidental aspect. There are the places of Ayesa and Moriones and the isolated villages of Arteta, Ezprogui, Gardalain, Guetadar, Julio, Loya, Sabaiza and Usumbel.


* Ujué.
* San Martin de Unx.
* La Valdorba.
* Palace Olite.
* Castle Javier.
* Monastery of Leyre.
* Sangüesa.
* Tafalla.
* Olite.
* Sos del Rey Católico.

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